The PP Bank company is associated primarily with non-bank loans intended for individual clients, but also deals with lending money to business clients.

a loan for a company along with PP Bank is offered to clients in need of quick financial support without complicated formalities. The money can be used for any purpose, including stocking up the store, materials, equipment, rent for rent, ZUS and other types of fees. The maximum loan amount is PLN 15,000 for the implementation of all business plans.


About PP Bank

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PP Bank SA is a financial institution that was founded in 1997. It is part of the international group International Personal Finance. It provides loan services in Poland and other countries, including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Bulgaria and Australia.

Currently, Provident is a leader on the Polish loan market. It allows you to obtain several different types of loans, also with customer service at home. Since 2013, he has also been providing loans for micro entrepreneurs.


What kind of company loan can we get from PP Bank?

What kind of company loan can we get from PP Bank?

The corporate loan offered by PP Bank allows you to finance all company expenses. There is a minimum of formalities, as well as a quick examination of the application and payment of money.

The maximum amount of the company loan at PP Bank is PLN 15,000. The loan may be used for any purpose. The loan repayment period is from 6 months to 24 months. Repayment takes place in installments, which allows you to adjust the amount of the installment to the individual financial capabilities of the client. We are able to repay in weekly or monthly installments.

The lenders also have the option of using the Personal Lawyer for Business package. The package includes services that allow access to legal and tax information, pre-court vindication of invoices, legal and tax consultations as well as the opportunity to obtain legal opinions and analyzes.


Who is the company loan for PP Bank intended for?

Who is the company loan for PP Bank intended for?

The company indicates that it targets its loan services to various entrepreneurs, including those who have just started their operations. For them, however, it has lower amounts of PLN 7,000.

To obtain a loan, it is necessary to provide relevant data from the CEIDG business registration form. This is generally the only document required by the company. Also, the company takes information from the Economic Information Offices. Based on these data, he prepares a special scoring and decides whether or not to grant a loan to the client.


How to get a company loan at PP Bank?

How to get a company loan at PP Bank?

To get a loan, you should contact Provident employees by phone or submit a loan application online. When filling out the application, we can indicate the method of service – monthly payment with a bank transfer or weekly housekeeping. Money, depending on the option you choose, is usually transferred to 48 hours.

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