Getting a loan or a loan for a new company is not easy. However, the situation in this respect is much better for entrepreneurs in relation to the situation from a few years ago, which results both from a better economic situation and also from changes in the banking market. First of all, there are many more banks operating in the financial market that specialize in servicing small and medium-sized enterprises.

Competition on the banking market means that obtaining loans or credits by new companies on the market is much easier, which results, among other things, from the possibility of using offers that do not require information about obtaining income by the company in order to apply for a loan.

At the same time, more and more companies offering loans outside the banking system operate on the financial market, which also increases competition, which translates into a growing number of banks offering loans to new companies. In addition, companies can also count on the support of state or European institutions that are able to provide new companies with bank guarantees or subsidies that greatly facilitate obtaining loans from banks.

There is also a possibility of obtaining loans offered directly by government and local government institutions.


Money for a new company

Money for a new company

When a company has just been founded, you can get bank loans primarily in banks offering their services to small and medium-sized enterprises. In such banks you can count on obtaining loans for collateral even in the case of a completely new company on the market that is not yet generating revenue.

You can use offers addressed to new companies, which are called start credits, as well as loans specifically designed for start up. Individual loan offers have different requirements that must be met. With most offers it is necessary to present business plans, definitely to the banking products in the bank where the loan is obtained. However, it is possible to obtain non-returnable loans that do not have extensive formalities to be met.


Credit consultancy

Credit consultancy

A good solution when looking for loan offers, loans for new companies is to use the support of companies dealing professionally with tax advice. In independent companies from this sector, you can count on getting matching credit offers as well as finding loan offers for new enterprises.

Advisors working in such companies have an appropriate knowledge of the market, which allows them to find a financial solution available on the loan market much faster in the context of the individual needs of the company. This allows you to shorten the time that you need to devote to finding the right credit or loan offers.

At the same time, credit counseling companies can also count on proposals from credit unions or financial companies that do not operate on the banking market. It increases the chances of obtaining financing, but also makes it easier to find financial products that offer favorable financial conditions.

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