Marriage And Mortgage Loan

A property purchased under the regime of the legal community reduced to acquests (or without a marriage contract) enters into the patrimony of the community equally. This division in equal shares is the most frequent situation, but is not a particular obligation for the purchase of real estate. When both spouses want to buy two

Business Loan Costs

Would you like to borrow money? You are probably familiar with the slogan ‘borrowing money costs money’. Borrowing money can be very good for you, but keep in mind that you always lose more money than the money you get. Do you want to gain insight into the costs that you need to take into

Bank Loan

The PP Bank company is associated primarily with non-bank loans intended for individual clients, but also deals with lending money to business clients. a loan for a company along with PP Bank is offered to clients in need of quick financial support without complicated formalities. The money can be used for any purpose, including stocking

How to End Debt

The problem of indebtedness or excessive indebtedness is a problem that crosses Portuguese families, regardless of their academic profile or social status. Based on more than 2 years of individual financial consultations and after helping close to 1,100 families solve their debt problems, the authors share their experience in a practical, concise guide in a