The problem of indebtedness or excessive indebtedness is a problem that crosses Portuguese families, regardless of their academic profile or social status.

Based on more than 2 years of individual financial consultations and after helping close to 1,100 families solve their debt problems, the authors share their experience in a practical, concise guide in a very accessible language.

Organized into three complementary areas ( diagnosis , resolution, and release ), they design various strategies that all families can use to reduce their monthly burden. The book “Ending Debt” shows, among other things, that you can reduce your financial services on average by 40% .


Where to Find “How to End Debts”

How to End Debts

He began his professional career in the financial sector, working ten years in DHBank, first as Housing Loan responsible and later as coordinator responsible for the area of institutional partnerships. He left DHBank to found Personal Finance, a company specialized in credit intermediation, which led to the creation of

DN Capital, projects where he assumed the position of Director General. He is currently a member of Reorganiza’s Board of Directors. He started his career in the financial sector at CB Investment, where he was a stock analyst for nearly two years. He was hired by BB Bank where he spent three and a half years as an investment fund manager .


While working in the Investment Banking


He took a specialization in markets and financial assets at ISCTE and a postgraduate course in Financial Analysis at ISEG, which gave him the European Certificate of Financial Analyst.

He left the Investment Banking and founded his own project in the area of ​​Financial Literacy and Counseling – the School of Personal Finance – and co-authored two books on this subject (Personal Finance Manual and Savings Manual).In 2013, the School of Personal Finance enters the DN Capital Group and starts to accumulate the management of this project with the position of Commercial Director of DN Capital. He currently belongs to the Board of Directors of Reorganiza.


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