We present to you today ICC’s personal credit product. ICC is one of the main financial institutions in Portugal and benefits from having shareholders with great capital solidity. This fact has allowed this Bank to have a good offer of personal credit. In fact, ICC personal credit is an aggressive offer and you may want to consider it if you need borrowed money.


What is the ICC Personal Credit Interest Rate?

The ICC personal loan interest rate is a rate that is identical to that of any other credit from other financial institutions. If so, why do we say that this may be an offer to consider? Because the aggressiveness of this bank is visible in the criteria of grant or opening the bank to lend money.

For many years the generality of banks in Portugal “closed the tap” of personal credit . ICC’s personal credit, however, remained one of the most affordable loans as the Bank was capitalized and ready for new business relationships. So the likelihood of seeing your approved process tended to be higher.

If you are looking for a personal loan ICC will support an interest rate close to 10%. By adding some costs associated with insurance, prestige products or other commissions, you may have to bear an interest rate close to 13% -14%.


What is the Cheapest Personal Credit?

What is the Cheapest Personal Credit?

Our suggestion is to find the cheapest personal credit is to simulate your specific case and negotiate the conditions with various institutions. In fact, it is this task that our consultants do every day. Use the volume and negotiating power of Mr. Loan to achieve the best conditions for your personal credit.

We suggest simulating your installment using the personal credit simulator and clarifying the doubts with one of our consultants. You will see that it is possible to save with your credit and without great effort.

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